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What is the best option for a mechanical engineer after bachelor of engineering?

Best option lies where your interest lies. There is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

Best option for one NEED NOT BE best option for you. If one engineer is doing great in Heat exchangers field and if your interest do not lie there then you would not be best performer in same field and it will not be best option for you. Isn’t it?

So how do you figure out your area of interest and BEST OPTION FOR YOU?

Below is a suggested framework in which you perform three dimensional analysis of your interest:

  1. Identify JOB FUNCTIONS which attracts you most. These are:

  2. Research and Development (R&D) – To create something new

  3. Design – Instead of actual design, it is mostly used for drafting

  4. Production – Manufacturing supervisor

  5. Analysis and Testing – Testing of components and machines

  6. Installation – Machine installation at site

  7. Maintenance – For proper working

  8. Identify TYPE OF COMPANY you like to work for. For example:

  9. Automobile

  10. Aerospace and Aviation

  11. Steel plants

  12. Government undertaking

  13. Thermal plants/Gas turbine manufacturer

  14. Air conditioning and Refrigeration industry

  15. Shipping industry

  16. Engineering consultancies

  17. Armed forces

  18. Safety and Quality

  19. Identify your FAVOURITE SUBJECT from list below:

  20. Material science

  21. Manufacturing process

  22. Thermodynamics

  23. Heat transfer

  24. Fluid dynamics

  25. Mechanical and Structural design

  26. Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery

  27. Instruments and Controls

  28. Advanced Computer Programming

  29. Robotics, etc.

Once you have identified your areas of interests on above mentioned three dimensions, you need to work on skill development related to them. For same, you would have to understand the workflow of the mechanical industry. It is divided into four parts:

  1. Drafting - It is usually done to provide component details for manufacturing and assembly. It is mostly done in AutoCAD.

  2. Modelling - It represents 3D models created on CAD software. The main purpose of it is to visualise the model and ensure proper functioning of assembly. After geometry creation and motion simulation, 3D models are taken further for computerised testing, which is called analysis, as explained in next point. There are many software available in market but at the time of writing this answer, CATIA, Unigraphics NX-CAD, CREO, Solidworks, and Inventor and holding most of the market share.

  3. Analysis - As explained above, it is testing of 3D model created in CAD software. There are three steps, 1st step is called pre-processing which is converting infinite elements to finite elements based on concepts of FEA/FEM. It is usually performed in Hypermesh. 2nd step is the processing, that is applying boundary conditions and loads to test the component. 3rd step is post processing, which is to read the output given by analysis software. During post pressing you would identify the problematic areas and modify your 3D model to strengthen the weak areas and repeat the analysis cycle again, until you are satisfied with the testing/analysis output. There are many analysis software, however you may start your preparation with ANSYS.

  4. Manufacturing - After your successful testing/analysis you would proceed for prototyping and then finally for manufacturing, which is mostly computerised. We call that technology as CAM (computer aided manufacturing). You may plan to learn Unigraphics NX-CAM for same.

For detailed coverage of these four skill sets, We would recommend you to visit the website where you would find the topics you should learn to crack interviews and tool tests. Keep in mind, these are tools to perform technical tasks related to area of interest you have choose in three dimnensional framework

We hope this detailed guide will help you to plan your career. In case you have any further qualm then you may connect with us through and we would revert ASAP.


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