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What are the best career options after getting a bachelor's degree in civil engineering?

Dear All,

Civil Engineering is one of the best engineering field as of today in India, and abroad too. If you are student of Civil Engineering then you are lucky to witness and benefit from such a huge wave of ongoing infrastructural projects. Getting job is not a problem, in fact industry is facing challenge to get right candidates. Such a booming condition rarely occurs in any country. You must take advantage of such a wonderful condition of the industry.

Let’s see what are the options for you, as a graduating civil engineer:

  1. Structural engineer:

  2. Bridges and tunnels

  3. Road and transportation

  4. Railways

  5. High rise buildings

  6. Township

  7. Interior Design

  8. Construction management

and many more…

How to plan for a promising career?

In case you have a specific career plan, you should plan your career based on knowledge and skills applicable to most of the options. There are five major areas in which entire Civil industry work is distributed:

  1. Drafting - It is mostly 2D drawing to represent various details helpful for construction of any civil structure. You make floor plans, elevations, section views, RCC details, Junction designs, Foundation detailing, etc. These are usually drawn on AutoCAD.

  2. Modelling - These are 3D models, which are used for visualisation purposes. Sometimes it is extended to estimation of materials.

  3. BIM - Building information modelling is a wider concept which is very helpful in civil engineering structural planning, detailing, work schedule, material requirement, construction planning and management, project execution and handover. Revit is one of the most successful software in market being used as BIM software.

  4. Designing and Analysis - Civil structural design and analysis is conducted to construct safe structures. and ETABS are most widely software in this area.

  5. Project management - Project management is one of the most wodely used area in civll engineering because most of the work happens at work sites. The chance of getting leadership or managerial role is faster than any other industry. Therefore, it is advisable to learn project management concepts based on PMBOK pf PMI USA. Primavera nd Microsoft project are two most successful software being used in this area.

I would advice reader to visit Civil Engineering guidance page to get exact details what industry expects from you when you come fresh out of college. You have to show fair amount of knowledge and software skills to be not only get hired but also to be successful in your job.

All the Best!


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