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Every civil engineer should be aware about BIM. Are you aware?

For many years a need was felt to have a common 3D model of a civil structure from which multiple activities can be performed such as : • Visualization of the 3D model after architects and engineers has designed the civil structures, like, house, mall, school, etc. It should also provide a feature of the walkthrough for better visualization before realization. • Getting floor plans, section views, plans (top view), elevations, side views, for construction work, where a single model is able to create multiple projections. • Analysis (testing in various load conditions) of civil structure. • Estimation of the materials to be used in the civil structure. • Detection of clashes, for example between plumbing and electrification, electrification and air conditioning, etc. • Any change to the common civil structure should automatically be reflected to all components. For example, if a room size is changed then floor layout should be changed, electrification should be updated, air conditioning, duct layout & the material estimate may change, etc. • There are many BIM software available in market. We recommend Revit Architecture. Explore to know more. Happy learning. Stay tuned or subscribe for latest career related information. Thanks Azuko Technical Institute

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