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What Software Civil Engineers Should Learn !!!

We, Civil Engineers are confused which software are best to start our career. We think, by learning all the software we will land at a better job. No one can learn all software, it depends on the job requirement and the area of your interest. Today we will talk about AutoCAD, most basic & popular software. It is the first step to climb to the top. AutoCAD software is a leading tool for 2D DRAFTING and 3D MODELING. Several versions of AutoCAD are available, the first version was released in 1982, December (AutoCAD version 1) and now we have AutoCAD 2019 (May 2018). AutoCAD supports .dwg file format, .dwf (web) format, .dxf format (for data portability between AutoCAD and other software). Below are few important features of AutoCAD: It enables us to draw various geometrical shapes like lines, the circles, polygons, multiple parallel lines, and curves, to make any kind of design. Various modifying features like move, rotate, fillet, chamfer to increase the speed of drafting and designing. It also provides a feature of snap to automatically locate an exact position to create particular geometry. For example, with the snap feature you can locate exact mid-point of a line, the intersection of two line and many such options soon we will learn. It helps in accurate positioning of our work. Filling areas with different color and pattern is a requirement in artwork and presentation, which is supplied in AutoCAD. The feature of zoom-in and zoom-out is a great asset while drawing to the scale. Different types of text and dimension style are also available to make a professional class output Want to be updated with other software required, stay in touch with us.Think about your interest area !!! “If you don’t know all the things to learn, do not get scared, just begin the journey with AutoCAD. Rest will follow. All the Best, Happy learning, happy prospering! Azuko Technical Institute

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