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What are some ways to get a job for a mechanical engineer fresher?

Dear All, First of all we would like to share THE BEST NEWS any mechanical engineer was waiting for years now. The golden period of mechanical industry has started. It is evident from latest industrial growth figure of India for last year (2017–18). According to the report, Indian economy has grown faster than previous year (2016–17) and Mechanical/manufacturing industry is at the top slot with 11.3% growth, which is huge by any means. We know the boom in Civil industry started 3–4 years back however the mechanical industry growth rate just surpassed every other industry. Another information of your interest is the faster growing startup businesses in India. Yes, it is none other than Mechanical startup. Believe it or not, it is growing at higher rate than IT industry. All stars are aligned for mechanical industry and students to make a bright future in India and abroad. So how does it work? How it helps students? What needs to be done? Let’s see. First of all you need to understand the industry, its growth pattern and its expectation from you, as a fresher. Mechanical industry is becoming technically advanced. Compare engine of today with engine of say 20 years back. Compare the tools and equipments used today and 20 years back. Compare the manufacture volume of today with 20 years back. You will not find any comparison at all. Everything has changed. What existed even 10 years back, do not exist today. The way we design, model, analyse, manufacture, everything has changed. Now consider the kind of education our educational institute provides. Don't you see it to be too old fashioned? Don't you see the quality of education not upgrading as fast as industry is growing? What does it mean to you? Are not you banking on education which is out dated? We agree the fundamentals do not change so fast but we are talking about applications. Industry runs on latest tools and technologies to produce high quality and most efficient products. Industry is expecting you to be aware about these tools and technologies when they hire you, such that you start working from day 1. Okay, they may train you but they expect you to be aware of latest tools and also expects you to have worked upon these tools at educational level, at least. Now, what you need to learn and how to prepare? There are four parts in which mechanical industry tools and technology is divided, These are; Drafting: It is 2D sketch of final product which is used at shop floor for manufacturing. It contains material details, dimensions, tolerances, GD&T, machining details, special considerations, etc. Modelling: It is 3D modelling of components and assemblies. It is used to visualise the models and more importantly to check the if the assembly will work as intended from mechanics point of view. Analysis: It is testing of the model in given load condition or working condition to find if any weak area exists. There are two parts, one is meshing (to convert infinite to finite elements based on concepts of FEM/FEA). Second part is to apply loads and find the performance. If any problem area is found then designer modify the model and again entire testing/analysis cycle is performed, unless we get desired analysis output. Manufacturing: Manual manufacturing is a matter of past, for large manufacturing industry, which should be only your target for better career ahead. In latest manufacturing plan, you would find all automated and robotic manufacturing. Therefore automated manufacturing (computer added manufacturing - CAM) can be considered as the need of the hour. Below are few tools you should learn in order to cope up with the industry: Drafting - AutoCAD Modelling - CATIA/NX-CAD Analysis - Hypermesh + Ansys Manufacturing - NX-CAM There are more details provided on this website . You may explore more details, topics to be studied, look at sample outputs from our students and ourselves. You need to reach same level of expertise. Efficiency is another aspect in which you need to perform exercise within given time limit. Also you need to practice with industry level exercises such that you are able to perform during tool tests. Hope this answer helps. Enjoy! Azuko Technical Institute

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