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Being a drafting software, AutoCAD makes your entry into the world of software. It is important to become efficient in first software you learn such that all future learning becomes easier. Look at this book to start from fundamentals, to advanced topics. It is available only as hardcopy


Building Information Modelling (BIM) should be known to every civil engineer. It is changing the working style of civil industry. This book starts with the concepts of BIM and takes you through software learning process. Have a look.


 Want to learn the most worldwide used software for design and analysis of civil structure. This book covers all these areas. Have a look & enjoy learning.

etabs handbook

 As a designer, it is important to first design your structure then analyze your design in ETABS.  Look at  this handbook & learn the same approach. Check it out

Project management

It is our first book written by our founder to share his wide management experience to help project managers. It achieved Best Selling position at Amazon within first month of publication. 

For paperback edition in  India


We are working to provide cost effective yet high quality education. We are taking help of latest technology for same. Our concept of AppBOOK is name of same concept which has been applied for patent. Check out at Amazon to find why it is continuing as Best Selling since 1st month of its release.

For Android devices only

(Apple version coming soon)

Autocad mechanical

Major difference of AutoCAD usage for mechanical engineers, in comparison with civil engineers, is used of 3D. Most of the components are modelled in 3D for easy visualisation. According entire course curriculum changes for mechanical engineers. Accordingly we decided to have separate book for them. Check it out.


Want to learn the world's most powerful, engineering and design leading & widely used CAD software. This handbook covers four starting workbenches of CATIA: Sketcher, Part Design, Assembly Design & Drafting  Have a look and enjoy learning

nx book.png

 Want to learn fast and realistic concept design and modeling. This book covers four main sections of the software 2D Sketch,3D Modelling,  Assembly, and Drafting. Have a look and start exploring the magic of next-generation design.


It is another book by our founder written to provide simplified version of the complicated topic of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).It achieved #1 Best Selling position within two months of release. 

For paperback edition in  India

casting mold design

We are working continuously to provide high-quality education and books as per industry requirement. Casting Concepts and Mold Design is one such book which is an interest area for working professionals and also for students.

interior design

 Want to learn the basics of Interior Design. This book covers five main sections: Introduction, Basic Design, Ergonomics, The design process, Communication skills. Have a look and start exploring the magic of learning.

Primary & Secondary service in interior design

 Want to get aware of primary and secondary services which are important aspects of quality living. Have a look and start exploring the magic of learning.

construction techniques for interior design

 Want to learn the construction techniques of Interior Design. Have a look and start exploring the magic of learning.

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