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Connecting to Future!

World of IT is so exciting that entire world is now connected through IT. In fact there is no life possible now without IT. Isn't IT?

Look at the most exciting and limitless area of work in the field of IT. Azuko recommends following most exciting area of work where students of new era should plan their career.

  1. Data science

  2. Machine Learning

  3. Artificial Intelligence

  4. Internet of Things

Azuko is dedicated to provide real life curriculum to students to be future ready technocrats. It is based on our wide experience of creating IT solutions across globe.


With increased footprint of IT and Data, we have moved towards huge collection of data, and it is growing every second. Instead of treating this huge pile of Data as liability, now we are treating it as an asset. The more data you have, more information you can draw out of it. This process is called Data Science (DS). When you train the machines to work by itself on data to categorize the information, find the pattern and explapolate the information for forecast then we call it Machine Learning (ML). If we go one step ahead and give intelligence to machines such that they can work with us, for us, as a companion then we call such solution to have Artificial Intelligence (AI),


Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning

Understand the topics you should plan to cover as part of AI-ML learning


    • Introduction to Statistics

    • Linear and Logistic Regression

    • Decision Tree and Random Forest

    • Boosting

    • Support Vector Machine

    • Stacking

    • Unsupervised learning (Anomaly Detection)

    • Charting Fundamentals with Matplolib and Seaborn

    • Python programming (ML tools and Libraries)

    • Important Packages in Data Science (Numpy and Pandas)


    • Machine Learning workflow

    • Data collection and mining

    • Feature Engineering

    • Visualization

    • Regression, classification and clustering

    • Algorithm selection, evaluation & fine tuning

    • Prediction

    • WEKA/ORANGE ML Tools

  • Deep Networks/Learning and Structured knowledge

  • Tensorflow programming

  • Neural Network Perceptrons

  • AutoEncoders

  • Natural Learning Processing

  • Spacy Toolkit - Data Structures & Models

  • Basic Text Classification Model

  • Word Vectors & Representations

  • RNN & CNN in Text Classification

  • Standard Text Problems - Classification, Entity Prediction, Sentiment Analysis

  • Transformer Based Text Models - Elmo, GPT2 & Bert

  • Standard Text Problems - Classification, Entity Prediction, Sentiment Analysis

  • NLP Industrial level project

Azuko is working to make a world class course curriculum for its students. It will be COMING SOON!


You must have heard, IOT has no limits. It's true. Once you understand the architecture of the IOT then you will understand the reason behind it. Look at the course curriculum to guess how it works and learn with someone who has actually implemented IOT solution in industry.


  • Introduction to IOT

  • Basics of Networking, Protocols

  • Sensors Networks

  • M2M Communication

  • RFID, Door sensor, Bar code, QR code, heat sensor, camera sensor, proximity sensor, bluetooth, etc.

  • Introduction to Arduino Programming

  • Integration of Sensors and Actuators with Arduino

  • Introduction to Python programming

  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi

  • Implementation of IOT with Raspberry Pi

  • Cloud Computing

  • Sensor Cloud

  • SOA architecture and messaging

  • Offline synchronization

  • GSM communication

  • Introduction to connected Vehicles

  • Smart Grid

  • Industrial IOT - Case Study: Agriculture, Healthcare, Activity Monitoring.

  • Live Project Implementation - This is critical

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