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Interior Design is full of creativity and provides rewarding career. We believe in providing needed skills, You give us dedication to learn and work hard, we will share our trade secrets. Success will follow us, as soon as you start creating output like our output shown above.



Lifestyle is raising high, and so are expectations from the Interior Designers. Our Master Diploma program is designed to not only meet but exceed industry expectations.

The Master Diploma course based on basic principles of interior design, hands-on experience, site visits for root level experience with multiple projects work to complete with help of at least four different software. We know what industry needs and we provide you more than industry expectation.
Why to choose our Master Diploma Course?

  • Saves time and cost, 9-12 months (instead of 2-3 years degree).

  • Comprehensive work on software for industry level output

  • Includes construction and contracting details for self-business

  • All faculties with industrial experiences
  • Only Interior design institute with ISO 29990:2010 credentials

Refer to course content for next level details of the program.

Course Content - Master Diploma Program

  • Understanding Interior Design and Decoration

  • Role of an Interior Designer

  • Communication techniques

  • Tools of Interior Design

  • Basic Design concepts

  • Construction technique

  • Natural and manmade structural systems

  • Construction material and products

  • Building components

    • Ceiling and Flooring

    • Steps, staircase, and ladders

    • Openings, lintel projection, and arches

    • Joinery

  • Isometric Drawing

  • Primary services and secondary services

  • Understanding distribution and disposal layouts

  • Electrification

  • ​Wiring standards & specifications

  • Light and lighting

  • Introduction to sound and properties
  • Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning

  • Systems of air-conditioning

  • Communication system

  • Interior professional practice

  • Tender and tendering

  • Contractual procedures

  • Office and project management

  • Software training

    • AutoCAD 2D and 3D

    • 3DS Max

    • Vray rendering

    • Photoshop

    • Revit Architecture (Optional)

  • Final project and portfolio

Advanced CAD in Interior Design is designed to gain expertise on computer aided design (CAD) based skills. This program is generally adopted either by working professionals willing to upgrade their skills and quality of work, You will learn 2D planning, 3D modeling, rendering (lighting) effects, interior and exterior work, and more with help of the following software:

  • AutoCAD

  • 3DS Max

  • Photoshop

  • V-Ray

  • Revit Architecture (Optional)

Our students are able to acquire the required skills in 4-6 months to start their profession or even their business. Refer to course content of this software given below.







Azuko believes in learning from industrial experts. If we get even an Author to teach us then what else we may wish!



All courses included in both the programs


Drafting at its best

Since many years, AutoCAD has been ruling Civil industry for drafting work. There are many drafting tools, but AutoCAD its the best. Go for it!

Course content

  • Theory of Drafting

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Drawing tools

  • Modifying tools

  • Block tools

  • Layers and Hatching

  • Text and Dimension styles

  • Xref and Layout

  • Isometric

  • Solid modeling

  • Boolean operations



To build the environment

This is industry darling for your many years now. Adobe has habit of maintaining leadership position and so is habit of photoshop in graphics. This is mainly due to its ever improving features and always surprising the followers. You associate with leader, you get a tendency to think alike.

Course content

  • Introduction and GUI

  • Basic Tools, Menus and Commands

  • Understanding layers and path

  • Image color corrections

  • Working with textures

  • Working with Blending option

  • Working with Filter option

3DS Max

For most realistic modelling

The Boss of modeling and animation. Why not? It is used in more than 100 movies, countless product modeling, character modeling, interior design, exterior design, and the list goes on and on and on. We dedicate lots of our time and energy to explore this software and the next output is always better than the previous one. You will feel scarce of time when you explore this giant.

Course content

  • Introduction and GUI

  • Basic Tools, Menus and Commands

  • How to work with viewport & layout

  • Standard and Extended Primitives,

  • Layers & managing layers

  • Compound Objects

  • Working with Splines

  • Modifier - Shell, Bevel Edge, Bevel Profile, Bevel Sweep.

  • Applying Material to an object

  • Understanding UVW Coordinate and Mapping

  • Working with Camera and Light

  • Rendering

  • Walkthrough



For most realistic output

Rendering adds real life effects and V-Ray is the leader in rendering. This plug-in is so popular that it is most sought to render plug-in for 3DS Pax, Google SketchUp, Maya, and many more modeling tools. So why not to get this tool in your kitty? Learn it to put the icing on cake, super duper finishing to your models.

Course content

  • Introduction and GUI

  • V-Ray material (light, skin, car paint)

  • V-Ray lighting (dome, plane, mesh, IES, sun, sphere, ambient)

  • V-Ray camera

  • V-Ray fur. V-Ray hair

  • V-Ray environment

  • V-Ray rendering


Online Learning

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3DS Max
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