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Know the opportunities - beat the slowdown

Knowledge is power. If you know the industry demand in current slowdown period then you can still be a winner, and Azuko wants you to be a winner. We recommend following technical skills to be acquired:

  1. Electric Vehicles

  2. MEP-Electrical

  3. Harnessing and Routing

Apart from above hot skills, you must have hands on expertise on following skills:

  • AutoCAD electrical

  • Core electrical design  

Have a look at brief details of each of the above skills:


Probably it is the biggest opportunity ever for an electrical engineer. Do not miss it, decide fast to benefit from it, before its too late.


Modern solutions are collaborative multi-disciplinary engineering solution. Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, IT, Telecommunication, and more engineering branches come together to create more sophisticated solutions. Fortunately all such solutions keep electrical engineering at the central point to get the power. One such solution is called MEP. Explore more and understand how modern way of engineering works:

Welcome to the next big thing



Can you imagine any engineering solution without use of wires? If not then why not to make career in it?


This course covers the core elements from the Electrical Library, Electrical Harness Installation and Electrical Wire Routing workbenches. Attendees will learn how to create electrical components, incorporate them into a Component assembly and route a harness through supports and protective coverings. Wires can then be generated from external electrical definitions. The course includes a mixture of presentation and tutorial, enabling students to gain hands-on experience.

Topics covered in the course:

  • Electrical Harness Discipline

  • Basic part Design-Toolbars

  • Basic Assembly Design-Toolbars

  • Basic definitions

  • Harness Components

  • Catalogue Management

  • Define Connector

  • Connection Terminology

  • Define Support

  • Define Protection

  • Define Internal Splice

  • Define Components

  • Create and Save Catalogue

  • General Process flow in Harness design

  • Adding Reference Geometry

  • Adding Geometric Bundles

  • Placing Connectors for devices

  • Placing Support

  • Creating the main branch

  • Creating the branch-out

  • Adding Internal Splice

  • Adding Protection

  • Maintenance Tools

  • Creating Flatten Views

  • Creating Drawing

  • Selection of Components

  • Project on Manual Routing

Electric Harness


Basic concept of electrical engineering and design, along with proficient hand on skills to work on AutoCAD are two skills which any and every electric engineer must have. Azuko expects these two topics to be covered during studies at the colleges. In case you are not confident about these skills then you must work on it before you even attempt for a job. Consider it level 0 requirements from the industry

Electrial CAD


Most popular drafting tool


Since many years, AutoCAD has been ruling Electrical industry for drafting work. There are many drafting tools, but AutoCAD its the best. Go for it! This tool is primarily used for Electrical layout drafting.

Course content

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Drawing tools

  • Modifying tools

  • Block tools

  • Layers and Hatching

  • Text and Dimension styles

  • Xref and Layout

  • Dimensioning

Many more topics, tests and exercises to prepare for job interview

Electrical Inspectors

Electrical Designing


Electrical Load Distribution

  • Load calculation for a project

  • Equipment Sizing (Transformer, DG Selection)

  • Electrical Room Sizing

    • Substation room layout

    • LV/LT room / Meter room, layouts

  • Illumination calculation as per lox requirements

  • Document Preparation

    • Load schedule (including protections used)

    • Cable sizing, Cable Schedules,

    • Voltage drop calculations, etc.

  • Electrical layout preparation (*)

    • Power layout

    • Lighting layout

    • Containment layout

    • Lightening protection/Earthing

    • Schematic preparations

Introduction to ELV Services

  • Fire detection and alar systems

  • Public address system

  • Access control system

  • BMS system

  • Layout related to ELV systems (*)

(*) Topics marked with star are to be practiced on AutoCAD & Revit MEP


Refresh your AutoCAD and Electrical Design knowledge and choose one domain level course from Electric vehicle, MEP, or Harnessing/Routing.



Thanks for the enquiry, Azuko will get back to you soon!

Electrical AutoCAD


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