March 24, 2020

With electric vehicle sales predicted to reach 45 million worldwide by 2040, the next twenty years are set to dramatically change the automotive market. The likes of BMW, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Kia, Volkswagen, Electric Vehicle (EV) specialists Tesla and many more car...

March 23, 2020

Step 1 – Product Idea
This step comprises of basic drawing revolving your product idea. Therefore, always ask yourself – what would be your product, for whom you are developing a product, what would be the features of your product, and how to make it user-friendly?


March 20, 2020

Fabrication is the act of taking raw stock material and turning it into a part for use in an assembly process. There are many different types of fabrication processes. The most common are
1.    Cutting.
2.    Folding.
3.    Machining.

February 29, 2020


  1.  Earing or planer anisotropy:

       Edges of drawn cups may be wavy due to varying properties in different         directions, this phenomenon is called earing .

   2. Wrinkling in flange:


February 28, 2020

BIW-Body in White

In the Automotive Industry BIW (Body in White) is the common terminology used to mention the car sheet metal welded structure (body shell).

In today's situation, automotive BIW is made of  steel (various steel grade material -DP, DD, HDP etc.) as well a...

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